Assumption Merengues Recipe — Celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary !

The feast of the Assumption of Our Lady on August 15th, reminds us that we, too, are called to go to heaven. Not exactly the way that she did, but our mission is to journey there. Mary was given to us by God to help us along the way.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in numeral 966 :

“Finally the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul…


God’s generosity and love walk with me everywhere I go, and they challenge me to be better.

There is no doubt in my heart that He listens to my prayers. He listens every time I call Him. As a matter of fact, He is always waiting for us to talk to Him and trust Him in everything while he shows you as He sees you at that moment.

Today, my love tank is so full that I was inspired to write this poem. I hope you like it.



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